Tay Phuong Pagoda

Tay Phuong pagoda is located in northwest of Hanoi, Son Tay is a region of beautiful landscape with rice fields and green hills, these are two pagodas, a few kilometers from each other, are important places of worship and have a remarkable architecture.

Tay Phuong Pagoda date from the seventh century, has an architecture that is a masterpiece of wood carving in Vietnam. Its frame made of wood covered with tiles. The shape of roof is a curve, on the edge of temple roof decorated by a statue of dragon.

The pagoda situated on a hill, after climbing 238 steps of laterite you will reach to gate of pagoda. We can admire a collection of 62 beautiful wooden statues, masterpieces of the eighteenth century, including 18 statues of La Han (Arhat in India).

The heart of a legend ...

In Vietnam, a legend has it that 18 arhats are coarse brigands killed each other, with great kindness, the Buddha took back their life and made them his disciples. No statue resembles another. Some seem immersed in meditation, while others seem cheerful. These statues are representative of the new golden age of woodcarving. Copies of these artworks are at the Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi.

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